Loneliness and Freelance Writing

It is important to connect with other people on a regular basis, and that can be difficult to arrange when your face is staring at the computer screen on a daily basis. Freelance writing doesn’t come with coworkers, so it can get very lonely if you don’t make time for live human interaction.

Social media can be helpful at times when you are pushing to meet a deadline and need a break. This can only go so far, however, because people need live connections with other people. It is simply human nature.

Having lunch (dinner or breakfast) with a friend once or twice a week is a great way to fit in time with another human being.

Other ways that you can meet your needs for contact with other individuals include:

-working out with a partner

-joining a local writer’s group

-volunteer in the community

-teach or take a class

-bring your work to a café or bookstore (and talk to people)

-go to local events

-meet up with a group of friends for a weekly game night

Whatever you like to do, besides writing, can most likely be turned into an opportunity for you to connect with other people and combat the loneliness of the business. Be creative.


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  1. This is great information. I’m starting to get story ideas zooming in my head.

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  3. Really good tips here. It is so easy to get carried away and forget the time when typing away at the computer and fully absorbed with your work. Another tip would be to set your phone alarm for a set time just to get up and walk out of your environment. As you get older the sitting starts to tell on your bones and your circulation. Stop the rot now!

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