Using Outlines in Freelance Writing

Most people can recall writing papers for school. At one point or another, a teacher required an outline of a paper that you were (supposedly) planning to write. While many students feel as if writing an outline is a waste of time, freelance writers can benefit from such an activity.

Whether your project requires that you write an article, ebook, or webpage, having an outline can improve the first draft before you begin. It can also help writers to focus on the subject and keep the content relevant and cohesive with the main purpose of the work.

Another benefit to creating an outline for your writing projects is that it can impress clients. I like to provide an outline of my writing plans at the beginning of longer assignments (like ebooks) so that the client can look it over. First of all, this lets them know that I have begun thinking seriously about the project. Secondly, it indicates that I am organized. This also presents the opportunity for them to make suggestions or changes according to their preferences. Creating outlines simple makes the entire process easier for all involved.


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