Write from the Depths of Your Soul

I just read an amazing inspirational piece about writing something that is uniquely yours and as far from cliché as possible. The only way I can summarize it is to say this:

Write from the depths of your soul. Dig deeper and forget about everything else you have ever read or written before. Search within yourself for something that no one else can unleash. Let it be raw and unexpected. Don’t do what has already been done.

“Write what’s real and true to you. That’s what stories are made of.”

“The Write Stuff” by Charlene Teglia is highly worthy of link love.


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  2. Great tips! I struggle sometimes because I am a much better writer than editor. I can come up with good leads and intros, but when it comes down to editiing an entire article I fall short. Any advice??

    • I find that if I leave the writing alone for a few hours, or even a day, it is easier to look at the work from a different perspective. By that time I am in a different mental state and I can remove myself from the work a little bit in order to edit more objectively.

      It takes time and practice to be able to cut out unnecessary words and let go of those great lines that we are so proud of, yet don’t work well with the piece as a whole. Sometimes the best way to improve your editing eye is to actually use someone else’s eyes. Have someone else read the work out loud to you (it doesn’t need to be a professional editor, or a writer for that matter-just a reader). That will tell you how good (or bad) your word choices and grammar really are.

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