Freelance Writing During a Recession

My best advice regarding freelance writing during the recession is to persevere. There is a lot of writing work out there, granted, not all of it pays well, but there is a great deal of it. Since many people are now turning to the internet to start their own businesses and websites, the demand for webpages and internet articles has certainly increased. Companies are also looking for ways to cut costs, and outsourcing writing projects is one way to do that.

What you need to do is focus on honing your craft, developing your skills, and improving your services. If you offer high quality service, your freelance writing business is likely to survive, or even thrive. Don’t slack up on the quality that you offer your current clients, and write to impress in order to attract new clients.

You may also want to expand your promotional efforts or broaden your search for projects and assignments. Keep your web presence strong, and think out of the box when it comes to searching for freelance writing work. I always say that you should look for new clients constantly, because you never know when your most faithful clients will have financial struggles and have to end business with you.

Here are more tips on freelance writing during a recession on Getting it Write.

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