Self-Respect and Working from Home

Being your own boss requires a certain amount of self-respect. You might think that you are worthy enough to be your own boss, but your actions might reveal that you undermine your own authority or abilities. There are certain limiting thought patterns and behaviors that will hold you back from reaching your full potential while working from home, and it is vital that you avoid them. He are some common ways that you might disrespect yourself as your own boss.

Procrastination. Everyone puts off work once in a while, but if you have made a routine out of placing other “priorities” over completing projects and taking care of important business tasks, you might be undermining the importance of what you do.

Mediocre or poor quality work. People who take pride in their career won’t settle for the products and services that are of poor quality or below the highest of standards. If you really respect yourself as a serious business professional, you won’t allow poor service or substandard products to carry your name or company name.

Undercharging. If you value your time and the effort that you put into your products and services, you won’t sell yourself short. Naturally, to be competitive, charging top dollar will not always work to your advantage, but you will charge a fair price that makes your labor worth while for you.

Focusing on mistakes or negative thoughts. Everyone thinks negative thoughts sometimes. Everyone makes mistakes. The truth is, however, that those negative thoughts and mistakes should not be your focus. Sometimes you need to work hard to think positively, but it is a worthwhile investment of energy.

Believing more in your limitations than your potential. Some people don’t believe that they truly have what it takes and are just “testing the waters.” These individuals often succumb to the thoughts that tell them that they just aren’t “cut out” for the job, even though they might actually be better at it than others. Have an accurate yet positive attitude regarding your abilities and don’t allow negativity to hinder your progress.

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